We represent companies operating in the Alternative Lending Industry (ALI).

What is ALI? The ALI works to provide fast, frictionless capital to growing businesses as well as a service to consumers that banks typically turn away.

ALI facilitates the acquisition of capital that growing businesses and consumers need. Consumers that banks typically deny or delay approval to the point of frustration. This service that arose as there was an unfulfilled need in the lending industry. However, all lenders understand there is a risk of non-payment with some percentage of debtors.

ALI lenders are especially vulnerable to increased losses as a new kind of lending comes with new kinds of collection challenges that fall outside the realm of traditional lenders. As such, Alternative Lenders need a resource to help protect their interests so they can operate and mitigate their losses.

Our firm provides Alternative Lenders with various legal and non-legal remedies to their collection requirements/challenges. We work with the lenders and the debtors to negotiate settlement agreements that are beneficial to both parties, ensuring that the lenders recoup on their investment, and that debtors can comfortably navigate their financial responsibilities or difficulties. Should litigation become a necessity, our firm handles the preparation, filing and subsequent prosecution of the suit, as well as judgment and post-judgment collections.

We work with a network of attorneys nationwide to provide legal services to Alternative Lenders regardless of the location of the debtor.